Lilies and Succulents

When I'm down and bummed out - I usually buy flowers or succulents. For the past few days, I went out to CA and just recently flew back to NY. Quite tiring...never imagined that work related trips would be so exhausting!

I came home to a very lovely surprise which sweetened my week - a bouquet of Lilies from my bf!

Plane landed around 5am and I arrived home around 7am to find these on the table! :)

Gorgeous when fully bloomed

Close-up of one of the Lilies, there were about 47 blooms total!

Of course, I'm still building terrariums and decided to re-model this baby terrarium a bit as a gift. Hoping to make more and post more on art tools this week. Stay tuned! 

Cute baby terrarium ready for gifting!