Art Block and feeling ill lately

I haven't had any time to pick up my brush lately. Long work hours and the inability to shut off even after work is done. There's always more to do...

This is probably the fast track to deteriorating your health. Coupled with lack of sleep, malnutrition (rapidly losing weight in the past two weeks) and high stress levels. I should really take a vacation or something. Painting is my way of coping with stress but I'm burning out and feeling uninspired. Nothing I create these days are 'worthy' for the public eye. Everything looks like a mess. 

A friend came over and we attempted to paint together. I ended up creating a really horrible painting on quality paper (poor wasted resources) and just wanted to toss it away. However, my second feeble attempt resulted in a not too shabby speed paint in my watercolor journal. 


I call this doodle "Breathe" to remind myself that I need to breathe and relax. Hopefully I'll get back into my art mode soon and create more paintings.