I love watercolors, but it's time for me to say my goodbyes

Over the last few years, I've been MIA in the art world. I've developed a series of health iddues ranging from several alleged benign tumors to nerve damage from what doctors believe is an autoimmune disorder.

Unfortunately, I believed that in due time, I would recover from my ailments and return back to my wonderful world of colorful watercolors. I'm sad to say that I've made my peace and that will not be an option.

 With any type of paint medium, there is still the risk of toxic pigments no matter how small the risk is. Certain shades of cadmium red and magnesium blue for example have been know to cause cancer and correlated with health issues just with any type of exposure. I'm not telling you to give up painting but, for me at least, I can no longer take the risk. Everybody's body reacts differently to paints/chemicals so, perhaps, mine was just not ok with exposure to paints despite painting for ~3 years. I'm not even going to get into the toxicity of liquid fluid mask, paint medium, and other paint thinners. I think my body is rebelling and telling me it's time to move on (haha).

 I'll miss watercolors but maybe I can still use color pencils? I'll keep all my paintings on my site but there will be no more new ones to post.