Moleskine Watercolor Journal

I decided to buy a new journal just for watercolors and settled on the super expensive A4 Moleskine Watercolor Album. I usually use a small 9x6 Aquabee journal but it was spiral-ring bounded and didn't keep my pages in place. Moleskines are extremely popular and I could never figure out what the hype was about (especially because they come with a hefty price tag) 

Anyways, let's have a look at my first moleskine journal entry!

Tools used: Daniel Smith pearlescent watercolors (glitter watercolors)  and M. Graham

Step 1

First paint in the unicorn with light blue paint and glitter watercolors for the hair and tail. Add more blue closer to the unicorn and blend outward to create a "glow" effect. 

Step 2

Further strengthen the layers with more diluted blue. Add more glitter on horns, mane and tail. See how she shines!

Closeup of The Last Unicorn

Step 3

Paint the Red Bull - flames were tougher to do since I wanted them to have the same glow effect as the unicorn.

Step 4

Add more flames, yellows and red - TADA! Completed. Now you have a lovely "The LAst Unicorn" fanart. 

Closeup shot of the finished painting