Stillman & Birn Journal Review

Stillman & Birn Journal Review

The past few posts have been about keeping an art journal so I want to expand on that and share with you a new brand of art journals that I came across. Stillman & Birn are the only journals that focus on paper quality and an artist's needs. Usually people praise Moleskine journals since they're heavily toted around in the art world. Moleskines are great (and I have been using one since 2013) but I dislike how the paper buckled in my watercolor folio album.

Watercolor Painting Tools - Part 3: Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor Painting Tools - Part 3: Watercolor Brushes

Brushes are like an extension of your arm so it is crucial to invest in the right type of brushes suited for your artwork. There are many types of watercolor brushes but most of them fall under three categories: synthetic, blended (mix of synthetic and real hair), and natural hair (squirrel, sable etc.) 

Kolinsky sable brushes are the most expensive and top notch quality brushes you can find for painting.

Painting with Qor Watercolors

Painting with Qor Watercolors

I recently posted about the Qor Watercolors samples compared to other brands like M. Graham paints or WInsor Newton but I ended up buying the Introductory 12 set to play with. I had a 40% off coupon for Blick and couldn't resist.

Qor Watercolors Review

Qor Watercolors Review

GOLDEN paints are well known for their acrylics but have recently released a new line of watercolors dubbed Qor Modern Watercolors. They claim that these watercolors use a unique binder called Aquazol   which could hold greater amounts of pigment than the traditional watercolors using Gum Arabic as a binder.

Obviously, I couldn't help being the curious cat and decided to request samples from their website for review/comparison. Disclaimer: I was NOT sponsored for reviewing this line of paint. All samples were provided freely and publicly from the website at 

Tools and More Palettes from my Studio

Tools and More Palettes from my Studio

In a previous post here, I mentioned the American Journey Porcelain Palette from Cheap Joe's and it arrived a few weeks back but I didn't get a chance to post about it since I've been getting sick lately.

I really like the clear plastic cover it came with. It make it much more pleasant to look at than the Stephen Quiller palette cover. Time to fill with paints!

Aurora Weinhold

Aurora Weinhold

I've been following Aurora Weinhold on Deviantart for many years now so of course when she released her first art book - I just had to jump on the opportunity!

Aurora creates beautiful watercolor paintings and mixed media work full of vibrant colors and some abstract elements which results in unique and gorgeous pieces. Her style is extraordinary and recognizable almost anywhere and also evident in her latest book.

Humans of New York

I’ve lost faith in humanity but this book makes me want to believe in ‘us’ again

Recently, I stumbled on this book while browsing for art books on Amazon.  Not only was I surprised at the wondrous content but I believe that everyone should get a copy!

"Humans of New York" is a delightful photography book by Brandon Stanton which is full of inspiring and uplifting short stories. If you haven't already seen his blog, please stop by his amazing site at

Get your copy of  Humans of New York !

Get your copy of Humans of New York!

 This book stemmed from his blog which captured the lovely stories from people all over New York. It is a treasure filled with laughter, tears, love and life. Being a New Yorker myself, I was curious on what this book had to offer. 

The book was published before the blog's concept of piecing together both the stories and photos have truly evolved to the way they are today so some were disappointed with the lack of anecdotes. However, I truly believe that this book is still worth purchasing solely because of the beauty in each photo and the captions that do come with most photos. Some people also complained that the presentation was not fit to meet their needs (ie: all captions are in caps) but that shouldn't deter you from fully enjoying this book.


It is a pleasure to hold and I hope to purchase a suitable kindle edition once they make that available for tablets. (It seems the kindle edition only worked on my phone and not on my Note 10.1 tablet nor my Nexus 7...a shame really.)

Some of my favorites from his book:

 "When my husband was dying, I said: 'Moe, how am I supposed to live without you?'

He told me: 'Take the love you have for me and spread it around.'

"My parents got divorced a couple of months ago."

"Has your view of the situation changed since then?"

"I guess I've just realized that if two people both agree that they'd be happier living apart, then maybe it's better for everybody."


 "I really don't have time to talk, these shadows are changing every second."

I don't want to give too much away but hopefully after reading this post and possibly a visit to his site, you'll be convinced that this is one of the greatest photography books of all time.