Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday weekend.

As for me...currently under the weather so no new art for awhile. My boyfriend and I finally closed for our co-op last week! We just moved in Weds so everything is a complete mess at the moment. I got my computer all set-up on my new desk (from IKEA) so I can't wait to share my new "art space" with you guys!

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned :)

New Site Launch!

Hi everyone! After days of working on this site, I am happy to finally announce that it is ready for visitors. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on the site layout/structure please feel free to email me.

I would love to receive feedback since this is my first personal website apart from my entrepreneurial site that I made in 2010 for my jewelry line which was mostly an ecommerce layout.

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming post on paint brands and tools this week. Thanks for reading! :)