Glow - Mini Walk-through

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been terribly swamped at work since the holidays are coming up. Today I will walk-through one of my latest rose paintings "Glow"

Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos to document the process for this one since it was more of a speed watercolor painting practice for me. The steps taken are very similar to what I did for Primrose which you can read about here

Sketch it out first

As always, I start with an initial sketch. This was done on a 6x6" Ampersand Aquaboard 1/8" Panel which is one of my favorite surfaces to use for watercolors. The board acts like watercolor paper and retains the brightness of your paints without too much absorption like canvases would. After I finish a sketch, I take a big mop brush and just wet the whole surface to allow paints to sink in better later on. This concept is similar to stretching watercolor paper before you start painting.

After many many layers of paint...

Lost a lot of steps in between but as I mentioned before this method of painting is quite similar to Primrose. I also used a white gel pen liner to enhance the highlights. Be careful to not use too much to thicken the lines though because then it might just be too heavy a contrast. Let the layers dry and finish off with a protective fixative. 

A different angle of the painting once finished.

Top view

 Thank you for reading! Feel free to post comments below!