Work desk revamp!

Sometimes you need a bit of organization to feel productive or creative. My desk at work is a complete mess with papers tossed about and notes everywhere. I couldn't even find my phone or notebooks because of the mess I lived in. I set out to Staples to do something about it and came across these lovely bright and fun desk products by Poppin

Shiny new desk organizers! Yes, I blurred out everything else. Work is confidential! ;)

Not only did my desk look fun and inviting, I actually felt 2x happier with a cleaner and brighter desk. Poppin wasn't kidding with their slogan "work happy"

I adored this aqua set so much that I decided to spruce up my work desk at home too. My art desk is way more cluttered and overwhelming than my desk at work so it needed some love.

Giving my home desk some life

I think my favorite part of all this revamp is how beautiful the blue mason jar brush holders and my teal shoe tape dispenser fit in with the aqua theme. When you're surrounded by bright colors, you can't help but feel happy :)

The aqua accessory tray is just perfect for my mason jar brush holders. Love them!


I feel like if you're surrounded by positive energy then it's impossible to not feel positive. Positive energy is contagious. Do you have a favorite color? I would love to see your studio or desk space photos! Feel free to submit them to me at