Watercolor Artist Mona Parvin

Today, I want to share with everyone a great friend and brilliant artist - Mona Parvin. This is the first time I'm actually featuring artist so I hope she's surprised when she reads this :)

Mona has a unique style and wonderful aura in all her paintings. Feel free to stop by her lovely gallery at her website here.

I met Mona through Instagram and she has served as both a great supportive friend and inspiration to my own artwork. There are days where I might not have the opportunity to paint but when I see her work full of bright color and elegance, I can't help but feel cheery and happy! 

This painting above is called "Unicorn Love" and one of my favorite from her works. I hope you'll also feel inspired by her paintings and stop by her gallery :)

Do you have a particular artist that encourages or inspire you? Let me know in the comments below!