Why do you paint/draw so many apples?

If you've seen my artwork then chances are - you've probably seen an apple or two..or three. I love painting apples! There's a very good reason for that too. Apples are my favorite type of fruit and they are (in my opinion) the most colorful type of fruit as well. They are also extremely easy to draw - it's a circle! However, there's also a sentimental value associated with apples for me.

I loved eating apples growing up as a kid and I loved eating them in apple pies & strudels too. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is deathly allergic to them and we cannot have them in the house anymore. I gave up eating apples almost 7 years ago to make sure he does not come in contact with them. Sad, I know. Sometimes you just have to give up the things you love in life for another. This doesn't stop me from expressing my love for apples through my artwork though!

Here's a preview of a upcoming apple drawing:

Yummy apple!

I am using Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencils and a Prismacolor colorless blender. Faber Castell is a better brand than Prismacolor (in my opinion) because I dislike the wax bloom from the Prismacolor pencils and I absolutely hate how the soft leads consistently break during use.

I started out using Prismacolor and realized how fast my pencils were being "used up" just because the lead would arrive already broken or continue to snap off even when I gently used them. Since then, I have switched over to Faber Castell entirely and haven't had any issues with lead breaking because of the soft cores. Faber Castell colored pencils are actually oil-based which is why they don't have the same issues that Prismacolors do. Maybe one day I will return to Prismacolor color pencils if they decide to ever perform quality checks on their product before shipping them off to retailers...

Hope that provided some insight into why I paint or draw so many apples! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or if you have any suggestions on what type of post you would like to see next :)