More Terrariums and a New WIP!

My second hobby is too messy...

I bought some plants about a week or so ago from to build a few more terrariums. They have a great selection and wonderful terrarium kits for anyone who doesn't want to drive around town picking up all the necessary supplies.

They also have great tutorials and tips on terrarium creation and care. Their 'Moonshine' series inspired me to make these cute little BlueMason Jar Terrariums!

Baby Lola in a Blue Mason Jar

I think this is a Baby Red Higgins?

All lined up by the windowsill

Unfortunately, I had to dismantle the pretty Mason Jar terrariums because I needed the baby plants for another terrarium.

FedEx was a bit rough with my plants and most of them came with broken/shriveled leaves which is slightly disappointing but they looked beautiful when planted and sure to recover.

Succulents in the larger Terrarium are all from

A sideview of the larger terrarium. Look how pretty the Black Prince is!

Loving my terrariums. It makes such a difference to my home and glad to have some pretty greens around.

Quick art update:  I started a new painting!

It's been sweltering hot in NY lately and my boyfriend and I did not buy an AC for the living room yet so I've been craving smoothies, fruits and cold desserts. Take a look at my latest WIP image to guess my latest subject...

Yup, a bowl of fruits is on the way!

Hopefully on the next art post, I can review the lovely Rosemary and co watercolor brushes that I just bought. They are a dream to paint with and my first set of 'Kolinsky Sable' brushes.

Stay tuned!